Alpha Vert

    • Exterior: grape plant material made from waste from wine production (72% grape 28% water-based PU)
    • Inner lining: mesh made from plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean (100%)
    • Laces: recycled plastic (100%)
    • Removable insole: recycled cork (100%)
    • Outsole: recycled synthetic rubber (70%)
    • Glue: upgraded latex
    • Recycled cardboard shoe box
    • Flyer made from recycled paper (30%) and organic grape residues (15%)
  • We are assembled by hand in a Portuguese family workshop by Ana, António Hélder, António Leandro, Armindo, Aurora, Beatriz, Beatriz de Oliveira, Carla, Cristina, Elísio, Hélder, Isabel, Iúri, José, Licínia, Liliana , Manuel, Maria Fernanda, Maria Isabel, Miguel, Pedro, Renato, Rosa, Rosa Maria, Sónia and Tierri


  • Are your Zetas too worn to be worn, or too damaged to be repaired?

    We take back your shoes for free at the end of their life to transform them into green fuel thanks to Gebetex!

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