Alpha Vert


🍇 Vegan and recycled

♻️ 60% less Co2

    • Extérieur : matière végétale fabriquée à partir de céréales sans pesticides : 73% de Bio PU + 27% de polyester recyclé (dont 50% de maïs)
    • Doublure intérieure : mesh fabriqué à partir de bouteilles en plastique repêchées en Méditerranée (100%)
    • Lacets : plastique recyclé (100%)
    • Semelle intérieure amovible : liège recyclé (100%)
    • Semelle extérieure : caoutchouc synthétique recyclé (70%)
    • Colle : latex revalorisé
    • Boîte à chaussures en carton recyclé
  • We are assembled by hand in a Portuguese family workshop by Ana, António Hélder, António Leandro, Armindo, Aurora, Beatriz, Beatriz de Oliveira, Carla, Cristina, Elísio, Hélder, Isabel, Iúri, José, Licínia, Liliana , Manuel, Maria Fernanda, Maria Isabel, Miguel, Pedro, Renato, Rosa, Rosa Maria, Sónia and Tierri



    🚚 Delivery Information

    In France and Belgium delivery is free.
    For international orders, please see details here.

    The returns & exchanges are free.


  • We recommend waterproofing your shoes to prevent stains and moisture. Maintain your shoes with a sponge or a soft cloth and soapy water.

    Please note: It is not recommended to machine wash your shoes.

    To refresh and brighten them, we recommend using clay cream, a natural cleaner for shoes.

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