4 Golden Tickets are hidden among orders placed between April 10 and 30 on our online store. Each ticket is associated with a prize (and not the least), we let you discover them below, and... may luck be with you! 🍀

Bike Jean Fourche

A high-end designer bike made in Bordeaux by the Jean Fourche brand , worth €890.00!

Jean Fourche is a Bordeaux brand that produces bikes with love and talent. All materials are sourced in France and Europe, and painting and assembly are carried out directly in their workshop in Bordeaux. We invite you to take a look at their website , it’s worth the detour!

PS: if you find the golden ticket associated with this lot, you will have the privilege of choosing the color of your Jean Fourche.

Visit to the Zèta workshop in Portugal

A complete stay (2 nights in a hotel with transport and meals) in the North of Portugal, and... a visit to our workshop!

Who knows, maybe you will leave this workshop visit with a little something extra...? 👟

Don't panic about dates, we are flexible.

Place your order before April 30 for a chance to be the lucky winner of this stay!

Pair of Zeta

A pair of Zèta, your choice from all our collections: Alpha, Bicolors, Velcro or Bêta.

Because we always hesitate between 2 colors (or more), we offer you the opportunity to win your second favorite model straight away!

Obviously, we also offer delivery.

€100.00 gift card

A gift card worth 100 euros valid across our entire online store.

In fact, it almost makes a pair, casually.

May fate be favorable to you! 🍀


  • Alpha Millésime | Zèta

    Alpha Millésime

  • Bêta B1 Blanc | Zèta

    Bêta B1 Blanc

  • Alpha Velcro Vert | Zèta

    Velcro Vert