So that responsibility becomes normal.

We are a committed brand and take responsibility for our actions. We create value in craftsmanship, while being in a perpetual quest for innovation.

We make each of our decisions in full conscience, placing ethics, transparency and sustainability at the heart of our values.

It is collectively that we will succeed in reducing our impact, and that is why we want you to be part of the adventure.

shooting de baskets montantes de la marque Zèta

Environmental responsibility

We create durable and resistant products so that they accompany you as long as possible. Our materials are entirely recycled, vegan, and sourced as close as possible to our assembly plants to reduce our carbon footprint.

We anticipate the end of the life cycle of our shoes by recycling them thanks to our partner Gebetex.

And because actions speak louder than words, we have no longer carried out air shipments since 2021.


European suppliers


of waste recycled since 2020


between Porto and Bordeaux

mise en avant de la basket Bêta orange sur un miroir


The planet inspires us, and it is to preserve it that we innovate a little more every day.

Grapes, corn, coffee or even olives: by using the waste available and transforming it into new materials, we are part of a circular approach.