Material Grape

The Alpha collection is made from an innovative and sustainable grape material, thus making it possible to recycle the tons of wine waste produced by vineyards each year.

Manufacturing process
During winemaking, the grape marc, made up of skins, seeds and residues, is set aside before being dehydrated in ovens. The dry material will be ground into a fine powder before being mixed with water-based PU to become a thick paste. This paste will finally be spread on a recycled polyester fabric, before being cut and assembled by our artisans to make our shoes.

Origin of manufacture
Milan, ITALY


  • 55% grape
  • 45% water-based PU (100% recycled polyester lining)
“” PETA | People for ethical treatment of animals
“” OEKO-TEX | Confidence in textiles STANDARD 100
“” GCA | Global Change Award
ISO 14001 | Environmental management systems
“” ISO 9001 | quality management
“” ISO 45001 | Health and security at work