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Sneakers always sold at a fair price

Since 2020, we have been making vegan sneakers, made from recycled and recyclable materials.
If you already know us, you are probably aware that we are not big fans of promotions, sales, black Friday operations or anything else. For the simple reason that we already charge a fair price. By promoting the quality of materials, assembly, or labor, we only make very little profit. We invite you to discover the detailed price of a pair of Zèta right here .

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Of course, we are not fans of sales or massive clearance operations, but all the same, we have set up a few codes promo for you! All these zèta promotions are referenced on this page, from the -10% welcome promo code to temporary promotional codes, including archive sales or the benefits of our loyalty program: Zèta Club .

How to use a Zèta promo code?

To benefit from an exclusive zèta discount code, it's simple: simply add one of our promotional codes at the payment stage of your order. Please note that our various offers cannot be combined and that certain exclusions apply. The products must comply with the conditions of the current promotional offer.