Material Corn

The Bêta, Alta, Velcro and Kids collections are made from corn material, a most innovative and resistant plant-based alternative.

Manufacturing process
The corn used comes from non-food crops, which therefore does not divert food resources from human or animal supply chains. Once harvested, the corn undergoes fermentation to extract dextrose, the process of which does not require the use of petrochemicals. The extracted dextrose is used to create a polymer which will be mixed with a small amount of PU to create a thick, strong fiber.

Origin of manufacture
Milan, ITALY


  • 73% Bio PU
  • 27% recycled polyester (corn content 50%)
“” PETA | People for ethical treatment of animals
“” Animal Free | No animal derivatives
“” Usda | United States Department of Agriculture
“” FSC® | Forest Stewardship Council®
ISO 14001 | Environmental management systems
“” ISO 9001 | quality management
“” ISO 45001 | Health and security at work