Comfort flap (all models)

Your feet carry you, take care of them!

Comfort is often a feature overlooked by brands in shoe design.

At Zèta, we place aesthetics, ethics and comfort at the heart of each development of our products.

Thanks to their thick soles and their very soft lining, our shoes are real slippers (approved and recommended by osteopaths)!

No more blisters and leg pain: they will be your best ally for long walks in town or in the forest.

Accompany each of your steps, for as long as possible

Our materials are carefully selected so that you keep your sneakers as long as possible.

Before launch, each of our prototypes is tested by the CTCP (Footwear Technology Center in Portugal) in order to carry out flexibility and abrasion tests. In addition, our prototypes are tested in real conditions within our team and by certain members of the Zèta club.

The assembly of each pair is carried out by hand by our Portuguese artisans, and rigorous quality control is carried out at each end of production.