How to maintain your Zèta recycled grape sneakers?

Comment entretenir mes baskets vegan

Before taking care of your sneakers, it is important to know what materials we are dealing with! vegan Zeta shoes are made only with recycled materials: A material plant in grape, an inner lining made from plastic bottles fished out in the Mediterranean, recycled plastic laces, a removable insole in recycled cork and finally an outsole in recycled synthetic rubber.

These materials need, like any other pair of shoes, to be maintained with care to keep their shine.

How do I clean my pomace shoes?

Sneakers made of vegetable leather are not as waterproof as sneakers made of animal leather. We therefore advise you to waterproof your shoes to protect them well. This will help them fight the rain and prevent stains.

Concerning maintenance, a sponge or a soft cloth with soapy water will be enough to keep them. Preferably, we recommend using natural soap to avoid chemical substances.

To give them a boost of whiteness and shine, we recommend that you use the clay cream, a natural cleaner that allows you to clean recycled shoes without damaging them.

entretien des chaussures vegan en raisin

Daily gestures to take care of my Zèta sneakers

Don't wait until your sneakers are dirty to take care of them. Like anything, the dirtier it is, the harder it is to catch up. Knowing that the plant material in grapes is a natural material that does not really like chemicals, it is therefore strongly advised not to use products intended for animal leather, or even classic stain removers.

Grape leather, like all other animal leather derivatives, is more fragile. We recommend you to be more attentive and not to use them during a hike, a party or during a morning jog. Zèta sneakers are first and foremost designer and responsible models that do not harm the environment or the little hands that make them.

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