One step beyond

We look to the future.

Created in 2020 by Laure while she was a student, Zèta is a zero-waste and committed sneaker brand. Designed in Bordeaux, our products are assembled in short circuits in Portugal.

Self-financed and independent, Zèta has been built over the years thanks to its community, its partners and its Portuguese artisans.

Zèta is not a brand, it is a movement.

We are convinced that it is high time to take responsibility for our actions.

From the choice of raw materials to product design, including logistics: each of our decisions is made in full conscience, ensuring that we have the lowest possible impact on the planet and on people.

Transport is responsible for 30% of carbon emissions? We do not ship our products by air.

Is brand discourse becoming more and more opaque? We impose the most total transparency on our products and our prices.

We aspire to create a more responsible and virtuous way of life, for the benefit of our artisans, our planet, and you.

Let's take one step beyond.