Zèta Moka: the sneaker that smells like coffee

Zèta | modèle Moka Capuccino

So no, our new vegan sneakers don't smell like coffee. But they are indeed made from coffee grounds. From leather to the sole, discover our new vegan coffee-based sneakers.

Comfortable and innovative sneakers

You appreciated them, so at the start of the year we relaunched them. Here is the Moka, the new coffee grounds sneaker from Zèta. In line with the Alpha model, made from wine waste, here is its cousin full of caffeine.

For fans of the Alpha model , you will find a format that you know but with innovative materials and new colors. This sneaker remains just as comfortable as the old models, it also benefits from a removable insole. The latter allows all feet to feel comfortable from the first step.

Many of you appreciate the packaging of the Millésime model. In fact, the wooden box, wine box style, adds a pleasing character to the model. So, for the Moka model we looked at how we could offer you similar and unique packaging. The element that best responded to this problem was a jute bag. Traditional packaging of coffee beans. You will therefore receive this new model in a reusable burlap bag. This is a sustainable alternative to the packaging traditionally offered.

Sneakers made from coffee grounds

Coffee, grapes, corn, cereal, recycled plastic, cork, ... we get lost in all these materials, right? Fortunately, Marta has summarized this for you in a much clearer outline than a long speech.

So here is the composition of our new Moka model below.

Composition of the Moka by Zèta sneaker

Ethical production

Throughout our production, we are proud to collaborate with partners who share our values ​​and are as committed as us, both environmentally and socially.

Our production workshops are located in Portugal. It was in 1993 that Manuel Oliveira founded his own workshop in Ovar, about forty kilometers from Porto. After spending his adolescence making shoes, he developed his workshop and was joined by his son Tierri who completed the team of 25 artisans.

This team of true enthusiasts perpetuates artisanal assembly and pays particular attention to details and finishes. They were the first to believe in the beginnings of the Zèta project in 2019, and today they are at the heart of our sneakers and our brand.

Our different colors

This new model is in line with all our sneakers: vegan, recycled, recyclable, ethical, etc.

To make this model suitable for everyone, we have produced it in 3 different colors. Find the three models below and choose the one (or ones) you like!

The entire Zèta Moka collection

Don't hesitate to give us feedback on what you think of this new model in the comments to this article.

Take the plunge and order your new favorite sneakers now!

Instagram of Zèta, the ethical fashion brand

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