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Many of you may not know this, but Zèta is only two years old.

These last two years have given us incredible experiences but also some disappointments: recap' on our year 2022.

There is what we show you, particularly through social networks, and then there are all the adventures that we experience on a daily basis as a brand.

The year 2022 was punctuated by production delays, linked to the lack of raw materials, which led to frequent stock shortages (and some stress peaks!).

The obvious lack of resources and inflation have driven up the price of raw materials and transport. To survive, we were forced to increase our selling prices . Although this increase of six euros was very well received by the majority of you, we know that for some, it may be an obstacle to purchasing responsible fashion.

Last fall, after several months of research and a first prototype, the brand with which we were to collaborate next September announced to us that the project was falling through for financial reasons. No time for disappointments, we need to bounce back quickly and find the next brand to collaborate with.

And then, fortunately, memory obscures the trials of everyday life to leave only the rest: the good times.

In May, after months of keeping this project secret, we revealed our collaboration with Nespresso for the creation of our RE:GROUND collection. After months of work with the Swiss Nespresso teams, we took on the completely crazy challenge of developing the first vegan leather from coffee. This collaboration allowed us to open up to still unexplored markets and we made our first shipments to Hungary, Estonia and even Sweden!

In November, we launched our first pop-up: a 200m² space in the heart of Bordeaux.

This first experience of physical distribution allowed us to meet our community (4,000 of you came to see us!), raise your awareness even more about environmental issues thanks to our workshops & conferences, but above all made us want to open our own shop. Challenge launched within five years!

As for the team, in 2022, Camille then Louis simultaneously joined us full-time, as well as Andrea, Emilie and Matis on a work-study basis. If Laure launched out alone in 2020, we now form a team of six ultra-passionate people determined to shake up the boundaries of the sneaker industry.

Finally, we achieved a second profitable year with a 7-figure turnover. Our financial independence allows us to reinvest our cash in the development of new innovative products and in the creation of jobs!

On the program for 2023?

New models, with a more assertive or high-top style, and the arrival of a children's collection. You can also participate in their creation right here .

New collaborations that are always more surprising and engaged.

New offices, in the heart of Bordeaux, to allow the Zèta team to deploy.

Questions to continue to reduce our carbon impact as much as possible, notably with the deployment of bicycle delivery in certain large cities and the recycling of our old sneakers into new products.

We learn, improve and reinvent ourselves as the months go by.

Without you, Zèta does not exist. Thank you for being part of the adventure and for being present for two years now.

Roll on 2023!

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