Alpha Velcro : La chaussure en maïs by Zèta

Alpha Velcro: The corn shoe by Zèta

The family is growing !

Our objective: to revalue the existing one. 

Zèta is above all a brand of zero-waste sneakers entirely made from recycled, recyclable and vegan materials. Our sneakers are only created from end-of-life materials. 

After a first collection Grape Alpha, Zeta doesn't want to stop there.

Almost two years ago, when we launched our first grape collection, we knew that we would come to diversify. After extensive testing and research, the choice fell on a new corn plant material. 

We innovate on the material side, but our DNA remains unchanged. 

Always so transparent.
Still just as comfortable. 
Always so ecological.

The Alpha Velcro model: a corn sneaker

The Velcro sneaker as for the Alpha model is made from recycled, recyclable and vegan materials. It's a velcro sneaker made from corn waste. 

The exterior of the shoe is made with corn vegetable leather obtained from bio-PU and recycled polyester. No more petroleum-derived polyurethane! The must ? Harvesting corn does not impact the food chain.

Approved by PETA (vegan label) and certified GRS (Global Recycle Standard), this innovative material is a real alternative to fossil fuels due to its vegetable composition, derived from renewable resources. 

The other materials of the corn sneaker remain unchanged!

The inner lining is in mesh made from plastic bottles fished out in the Mediterranean, the eyelets are in plastic (recyclable), the removable insole is in recycled cork, the outsole in recycled synthetic rubber (70%) and finally, the glue is upcycled latex.

The grain on the cake? Our packaging is eco-responsible thanks to the use of recycled cardboard!

Unchanged values

The choice of the short circuit 

As with the Alpha model, we have taken care to find suppliers close to our manufacturing workshop in Portugal. We only work with European partners to minimize our carbon footprint.

A transparent approach

Today, the fashion industry works backwards. By offering a cleaner and more accessible alternative, Zèta is committed to being as transparent as possible with its customers. We communicate without taboo on the manufacture of our shoes, the materials used or the working conditions of the manufacturers. We have nothing to hide, on the contrary we want to tell you their story. 

 Durable and recyclable quality materials

All our sneakers are made with vegetable leathers which have a lower carbon footprint than animal leather. We're not perfect, but we try to do our best and source quality suppliers to provide eco-responsible recycled sneakers. Moreover, if your pair is too worn to be worn, we take it back for free to transform it into green fuel thanks to the Gebetex sorting center. The loop is finally complete!



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