Bêta B1 Vert | Zèta
Bêta B1 Vert | Zèta
Bêta B1 Vert | Zèta
Bêta B1 Vert | Zèta

Bêta B1 Vert


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⏳ Limited Stocks | Restocking in June

🌿 60% less Co2

    • Outer: plant material made from pesticide-free cereals: 73% Bio PU + 27% recycled polyester (including 50% corn)
    • Vegan suede: PU (50+) + Nylon (50%)
    • Inner lining: recycled PET (100%)
    • Laces: recycled cotton (100%)
    • Removable insole: recycled foam (100%)
    • Outsole: Recycled TR (40%)
    • Vegan glue made from resin
    • Recycled cardboard shoe box
    • Recycled Polyester Label
    • Flyer made from recycled paper (30%) and organic corn residue (15%)
  • Nous sommes assemblées à la main dans un atelier familial portugais de 100 artisans à Vizela, au Portugal. 
    Cette usine répond aux standards de travail européens. 
  • The Beta model was on pre-order: this allowed us to order materials as accurately as possible and avoid overproduction.

    We had a slight extra stock that we were able to put online on our site, but demand is high, it is possible that your size is no longer available.

    For information, the next restocking is scheduled for June: you can enter your email address in the associated field to be notified in advance of availability on our site!


    🚚 Information delivery


  • We advise you to waterproof your shoes to fight against the rain and prevent stains.

    Concerning maintenance, a sponge or a soft cloth with soapy water will suffice to preserve them. Preferably, we recommend using natural soap to avoid chemical substances.

    To give them a boost of whiteness and shine, we recommend that you use the clay cream, a natural cleaner that allows you to clean recycled shoes without damaging them.

    Don't wait until your sneakers are dirty to take care of them. Like anything, the dirtier it is, the harder it is to catch up. Knowing that vegetable matter does not really like chemicals, it is therefore strongly advised not to use products intended for animal leather, or even classic stain removers.

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