Why choose customizable shoes for your business?

At Zèta, we offer you the opportunity to standardize your teams' outfits by offering them personalized shoes that combine style, comfort and ethics.

Who is this for? To all !

Whether you are a young, growing start-up, a dynamic restaurant/hotel, a famous winery or even a CAC40 company, we have the customizable shoe you need.

Chaussures personnalisables pour votre entreprise | Zèta

A Zèta pair, kesako?

At Zèta, we create sneakers from recycled materials. Whether made from grapes, corn, coffee or even olives, we design stylish, comfortable and ethical sneakers.

Our customization options

In personalization, everything is possible! Or almost ...

Here you have the presentation of what is possible to personalize your employees' shoes.

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