Our favorite brands

Nos marques coups de cœur pour la Saint-Valentin

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we have chosen to present to you our teams' 6 favorite eco-responsible brands. In addition to that, we have prepared a surprise for you in this article.



Our favorite brands

Chou² - favorites for all tastes

Cabbage squared


Chou² is a brand of colorful and upcycled accessories made from fabrics from major brands.

Bright silk scrunchies and velvet bananas have one thing in common: they are made in France in integration workshops.

We start from this simple observation : fashion is beautiful. Except that we already produce twice as much clothing as 15 years ago. years... and therefore textile waste. And all this, very far from home. Each new clothing collection produced generates end of rolls, which pile up. In the Rhône Alpes region alone, there are 180 km of fabrics to be recycled.

Our answer ? Recycling these abandoned fabrics into fresh, colorful fashion accessories with a low environmental impact.One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Who is behind the brand? Victoria, a big fan of fashion, but not of its impact. The solution I found to buy fewer clothes is accessories. They allow you to enhance, sometimes even transform a look that you know well, and as a result you get less tired of it!





Maison Izard - they have sublimated the wool of the Pyrenees

Izard House | Pyrenees wool clothing


Maison Izard is a young Pau brand of clothing and accessories made from Pyrenees wool committed to promoting local resources and know-how.

The brand seeks above all to promote its local treasure, wool from the Pyrenees, a local raw material today neglected, but oh so virtuous, by working with local players, located in the South-West of France and labeled Heritage Company Vivant or France Terre Textile. Through authentic and timeless products, with a touch of modernity, the brand offers a whole universe around Pyrenees wool. All products have a history, a link with the Pyrenees and are part of a local and environmental logic by taking into account, for each product, the materials used, its characteristics, its impact and its use.





Douceur du lac - ethical cosmetics


Douceur Du Lac offers certified organic cosmetics of natural origin. Made in France and respectful of the environment, their objectives are to respond to this need to get back to basics, by offering products that preserve our skin.
At Douceur Du Lac, the goal is to be part of an eco-responsible line. To do this, it seemed obvious to the teams to select partners based in France and driven by the same values ​​as them.
The partner laboratories with which they work are involved in the cosmetic development process that respects your skin, they guarantee the seriousness of the ingredients used, compliance with French and European cosmetic standards, but also the natural origin (98% and more). ) of Douceur du Lac products.
Here is an extract of their commitments to responsible products on all points:

  • No animal testing
  • No controversial substances
  • 98% (and more) of products of natural origin
  • Recyclable packaging with the possibility of returning it empty for optimal recycling





Neo by Nature - the refillable shower gel

Presentation Neo by Nature


Neo by Nature is the story of Paulin and his cousin Hector who embarked on a somewhat crazy adventure, that of changing water into shower gel.

Hector and Paulin created Neo by Nature in 2020, the perfect union between family heritage and cosmetic innovation. Both from the southwest of France, it was in their grandmother's house located in Verdelais, not far from Bordeaux, that the project was born.

Natives of the region, the two cousins ​​merged their shared passion and environmental values ​​to create a unique cosmetics brand: Neo by nature is the promise of healthy cosmetics with sensory and avant-garde formulas, which encapsulate a blend of Naturally powerful active ingredients in an iconic refillable bottle.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we want to pamper our customers more than ever. A Néo by nature gift box worth 40 euros offered in 20 orders drawn at random between February 8 and 13, 2024. To participate, simply place an order between these two dates. We will announce the winners on February 14, 2024 on our Instagram account.


Neo by Nature Gift Box



Zèta - eco-responsible vegan sneakers

Beta Zeta Collection


We said to ourselves that a booster shot wouldn't hurt anyone, so we present to you the concept of our brand, Zèta.

We design recycled, recyclable and vegan sneakers while ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact. Find sneakers made from grapes , corn or even coffee . New sneakers made from new materials are arriving this year. Designed in Bordeaux, our shoes are assembled by hand in the Porto region with respect for people.





Wawwa - clothing designed to last

Wawwa Clothings | Upcycling brand


WAWWA is a British brand committed to providing timeless collections of everyday wear, designed to last. Their commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. Using organic, vegan and recycled materials, they create high-quality, functional clothing that minimizes environmental impact and promotes well-being for all. Since 2020, they have created their micro-factory in Manchester to have full control over the conditions and production process of their products. Wawwa prioritizes low-impact, ethically manufactured materials from local UK suppliers, supporting local production and reducing their carbon footprint.






The list of these brands is obviously not exhaustive. These are our teams' favorites for 2023 that we wanted to share with you for Valentine's Day to offer (you) an original and responsible gift.



In the comments to this article, don't hesitate to give us your marks for this year. And if you would like to receive a Néo by Nature box, don't forget to place an order between February 8 and 13, 2024.




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