Alpha returns smoothly with the BICOLORS Collection

présentation modèle bi-colors

Back to school rhymes with novelty and always with more grapes and eco-responsibility!

This is our 3rd sneaker model, and because we don't change a winning formula , we remain 100% vegan with the Alpha Bicolors. Well, after all, it's our DNA... If you don't know us yet, we remind you, Zèta is: transparency , comfort, responsible fashion, and... style, obviously .

The Alpha Bicolors model: vegan sneakers, tastefully designed!

As you will have understood, this model is made from recycled, recyclable and vegan materials. It is a mixed lace-up sneaker, made from grape marc, recycled rubber, recycled PET and recycled cork. They are assembled in the same way as the classic Alphas .

The composition

  • The exterior of the shoe is made with grape leather: vegetable leather made from all the materials that remain after the harvest and cannot be used.
  • The outsole is made of recycled synthetic rubber (70%).
  • The interior lining is made from recycled PET (material from plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean).
  • The insole is still made of recycled cork (100%).
  • And finally, as usual, the packaging is made from recycled cardboard!

The colors

The two-tone ALPHA sneakers are white, white and more white. According to your feedback, this is the color you preferred on our last 2 models, so we thought we would please you! We made 4 models, all white, but with our little personal touch on the soles: pastel pink, sky blue, yellow, and camel.


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